Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2nd Avent Sterilizer

Good condition as pre loved item..Bottles not included !

Avent sterilizers are the best feeding equipment sterilizer that is available in different capacities. Electrical and microwave versions are available. It is very beneficial for parents with more than one bottle fed babies and it is time saving. Brest pumps, nipples and bottles can be easily sterilized in this. After loading it takes 6-8 minutes including the cooling time of 3 minutes for complete sterilization. All the internal units are safe to be washed in dish washer.

The handy Avent sterilizer needs 90 ml of water for one time sterilization. The sterilizer shuts off automatically when the cycle is finished. It is important to mention that a single Avent unit consists of 6 Avent bottles with screw caps and dome caps. The contents will be kept sterile for up to 3 hours if the sterilizer is closed, which is a good feature.

One good thing about Avent sterilizer is that it is microbiologically tested and approved. It is manufactured based on the hospital principles and the steam generated by the high intensity heat kills all the bacteria that could probably cause stomach upset in babies.

All in all, it can easily be said that Avent sterilizer is what you should choose to keep your baby healthy. A simple, but elaborated illustration comes with the pack making it comfortable for the first time users. So, waste no more time, and get yourself the luxury of sterilizing different baby products in the best possible way.

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